XML Shopping Feed Manipulator

A script to copy an XML shopping feed, amend its content by removing out of stock items automatically and by specifying any other items for removal via a Google Sheet. The amended feed is then hosted on new URL. This scripts uses the Google Sheets API, an the gspread, requests and ElementTree libraries.

Google Search Console API to CSV

A simple example of how to pull data from the Google Search Console API, and access this data via a csv file. I've used the sample documentation and the Pandas library to do this.

Google Reporting API to CSV

Very similar to the above, this example again shows how to pull data using the Google Reporting API (for Google Analytics) into a Pandas dataframe, and into an xlsx file for download. The fantastic Google2Pandas and xlsxwriter libraries are used.

MozScape API to CSV

A very simple example of how to pull MozScape data into a csv for a single URL using the Pandas library.